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Advertisnet is pleased to announce a new email alternative named SPAMFREE, available as of _______ for beta testing. Advertisnet customers can add up to 5 additional SPAMFREE email accounts onto their account at no additional charge.
How is the SPAMFREE system different? It is designed to provide maximum, total, protection against any and all spam.

When SPAMFREE email accounts are initially activated, they are CLOSED by default, meaning NOBODY on the internet can send in ANYTHING, until you authorize each sender individually, by adding them to your whitelist.
If someone tries to send you email without being on your whitelist, they will receive an error message which instructs them to request addition to your whitelist, and then you get an email notifying you of who is trying to send in to you, and you can then ignore them, or add them to your whitelist.

Most spammers will not go to the trouble of going to the SPAMFREE webpage to request addition to your whitelist, since you probably wont be authorizing people you dont know.

You may want to add the email addresses of those who send you email right away after you activate your SPAMFREE account, you do not need to wait for other people to request addition to your whitelist.

You may set up your email client (such as Outlook Express) to download your mail from both your new SPAMFREE account, and your current,, and email box. The advantage to doing this, is you can still monitor your old mailbox for people sending into it, and notify them to begin sending to your SPAMFREE mailbox from now on. The downside to doing that is that you will still get spam from the old system, so eventually you will want to turn off the old mailbox after your satisfied all your freinds have your new mailbox address.

For users who dont mind a little advanced configuration, Outlook Express(OE) allows for MAIL FILTERING RULES, which can be used to route mail into various OE folders, which you can create. One common method is to route only mail that is addressed to you into specific folders, and leave any mail that isnt addressed to you in the inbox, to be deleted in mass quantities once a month or so.





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